more than stairs

Luk Van Soom won the design competition for the monumental stairs and the central information desk in the new Klina-Hospital in Braschaat. When the jury verdict fell, the building was already in the stage of finishing. The floor heating and the natural stone floor were already in place. Because no weight could rest on that floor, Moker had to opt for floating stairs.

The works of Van Soom typically are made up out of smooth lines en wave-like forms. In his world, straight or perpendicular lines are an exception. The organic nature of his design had to be fused in a desk that should be ergonomical and practical in its daily use. He drew the desk and the stairs as a mix of conical and elliptical forms, out of reach for all existing CAD-programmes. (And without a mathematical form, no real form can come into being.) As Moker did many times before, they extended the existing soft ware and made the impossible possible.

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