Rombouts and Droste were asked by SD WORX to integrate their alphabet of lines, the Azart, into its newly build headquarters. One of the artists' ideas was to hang the whole of the Azart in one free unbroken line of copper, 16 meters long, from the roof of the entrance hall. Because the sculpture was not to rest on the floor, copper was unfeasible, as it would be too weak to carry its own weight.

Moker searched for a solution and found a kind of metal that would be strong enough not to distort. The combination of strength and lightness made the idea attainable. The winding line of steel was polished like a mirror and then copper-plated electrolytically, to give the whole a high-quality copper-shining finish, the artists' original idea.

Monica Droste † 11/11/1998 Antwerpen

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