In the new terminal of Brussels national airport Moker did execute a sculpture by Moeschal. Because of its size, this construction with a height of 23 and a diameter of 8 meters was put up when the building itself was still in scaffolding. Before the roof was finished, and after five nightly 'exceptional transports' guided by the federal police, the various parts of the sculpture were carefully lifted into the heart of the building with a crane, only just passing in between the rafters. It was the kind of operation that asked for meticulous planning and execution in team with all parties involved.

Moeschal's sculpture is made in inox. Despite its monumental size, not a single bolt or joint can be seen, heightening the fluidly elegance of the whole. To be able to create this effect, Moker build a special elevator, to the strongest safety norms, with which a worker could descend into the 50 cm wide legs to assemble the parts from the inside.

Jacques Moeschal † 24/12/2004 Elsene

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